VT Vertical Turning Machine for Shafts

Maximum Performance for Shaft Production

Fast processes are required for machining large quantities of shafts. Both the machining process and the loading and unloading processes must be completed extremely quickly. The VT 2 and
VT 4 machines guarantee the maximum performance you require.

Four axes, short distances and a powerful main spindle – these are the strengths of the VT-series. The full effect of these can be felt in particular when machining large quantities. A key factor here is the machining of parts from two sides. This greatly reduces the machining time. Two tool turrets, each with eleven tool positions which can be equipped with turning tools or driven tools, ensure machine flexibility.

Automation: fully integrated in the machine.
The VT-machines are loaded and unloaded via the turrets. While one workpiece gripper (in the turret) transports a new component into the machine, the other removes the finished one. The entire process only takes a few seconds.


Modular Lathe for Vertical 4-Axis Shaft Machining


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